They're Beloved! No. 11

Things we enjoyed this week and hope you will too! This Week: the Cosmere Universe is headed to movie theaters (we hope), Canadian poets flock together near Flannery O'Connor's peafowl collection, and we're very concerned about orphans in Netflix's new show in January.


We are cautiously excited about this. In movie news this week, publishing company Tor announced that the movie rights to Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere universe have been sold to DMG Entertainment. While you wait, grab a copy of the books here. 

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Poetry, eh: You know what we don't hear about very often? Canadian poets. In this awards season, the CBC Poetry Prize has announced it's long list. If you're looking for a new contemporary poet to check out, this would be a good place to start. You can browse the contenders and read some of their poetry at the Poetry Prize website here. 


Flannery O'Connor's Dirty Bird Habit: Granted that my knowledge of Flannery O'Connor is rather limited, but I did not know about her fascination with birds and resulting "collection" of various types. Maria Popova at Brain Pickings gives us a peek at The King of the Birds, an illustrated story about the famous writer and her pet peacock. And you can find a copy here.


A Series of Unfortunate Events: the wicked series is on camera once again, this time on Netflix. With Netflix's history of producing excellent tv shows, let's hope they've captured the creepy spirit properly. They certainly seem to have the cast for it: Neil Patrick Harris will be playing Count Olaf (great cheering and arm waving ensued!), with a rumored Bernadette Peters as Aunt Josephine (I have the vapors). Find concept art on the "secret" Visceral Fantabulous Debut site. Check out the trailers below and get ready to binge watch the season in January:

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