October Author of the Month: Daniel Abraham

You may remember my post "Show Me, Don't Tell Me” in which I highlighted a paragraph from “The Cambist and Lord Iron” by Daniel Abraham (if you haven't read it, you should!) and promised that I’d be talking about him more. Well, here we go! Daniel Abraham is my author of the month.

Daniel Abraham (who also writes under the names James A. Corey and M.L.N. Hanover) writes novels, short stories, and graphic novels across several genres. I’ve read a good portion of his work, primarily his fantasy, science fiction, and short fiction.

So I can say without hesitation that this guy is GOOD.

I first read A Shadow in Summer and was impressed, so I kept reading. I later found out that it was his debut novel. He had been writing short stories before that, but still. The character building and writing was so solid that I expected it to have been published much later in his career.

So there's a lot to learn here.

My goal is to use Abraham’s novels and short stories as a framework to discuss various writing-related topics. I want to highlight a technique that I believe Abraham does rather well and create some takeaways that you can use in your own writing.

I plan on using the following books (though give me some grace if plans change):

1. Leviathan Wept And Other Stories


3. A Betrayal in Winter
(Sequel to A Shadow in Summer)


Let’s do this!

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