Ten Writers on the Magic of Reading

The Louisiana Channel (a more European Louisiana than I first thought – this one is based out of Denmark), is a trove of interviews with and advice from authors and artists. I caught up earlier today on a video they put out in 2013, “Ten Writers on the Magic of Reading,” that has been a nice reminder of why we as writers put in the work of writing. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect detail to encapsulate a setting or object, or scrambling back and forth between all the choices available to you, there is a magic to literature that has conscripted us for its purposes. Sometimes we need to look up from our work and orient ourselves again in this landscape of literature. So give yourself a few minutes today and watch this video (and then sit and wonder at how many of these excellent writers there are out there who may not be in translation, and so who may never cross your path).


Thumbnail Photo: Norwegian author Tomas Espedal, credit Gyldendal

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