They're Beloved! No. 5

Things we liked this week and hope that you will too! A Wrinkle in Time casting, Oliver Jeffers' A Child of Books, a spy memoir, and poetry collected in an Exmoor field. Really.


A Wrinkle in Time: They're making A Wrinkle in Time into a movie? I hadn't heard about this until this week when they announced that Mindy Kahling and Reese Witherspoon are in talks to join the cast along with...Oprah Winfrey. Apparently the three of them are being cast as the three witches, Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which.


Oliver Jeffers' A Child of Books came out this week. With illustrations by Sam Winston, the book is a beautiful celebration of the love of reading. It's about a girl in a raft who invites a hesitant boy to go on a journey with her to discover the world of imagination that can be found by reading. The illustrations have a charming simplicity that complement the story.

There's even a monster, which is always a must for me:

Brain Pickings shares some additional illustrations along with links to further reading on Oliver Jeffers and his work.


John le Carre's memoir: Cold War spy novelist John le Carre released his memoir, The Pigeon Tunnel, on September 8. You may know John le Carre from his novels that have been made into movies: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and The Constant Gardener. Le Carre drew the ideas of his novels from his own experiences in British Intelligence. As le Carre’s first non-fiction work, the book promises to be an interesting look into his writing experiences and the people who inspired the characters of his novels. If you enjoy this sort of thing (like me; it's Sarah--hi!), this could make for an interesting read. The Guardian has already reviewed it!


Poetry in an Exmoor field: That's right. Over 6,000 poems have been collected over three years in Exmoor National Park, and the best of these will be published in a book. Poet Chris Jelley and the Lynmouth Pavilion Project placed small metal boxes in different locations throughout the park with the instructions “Draw, read or write inside,/ And leave for the next to scribe and confide.”

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