Born A Taurus

by Tom Zimmerman

by Leonard Peng

by Leonard Peng


He tried to bull-rush life, but rammed his horns

through subtlety and damn near drowned. Submerged 

and breached, the shadings: grays, but also hues 

of beauty he had never noticed and 

the noticing of which impressed upon

him possibilities of hues for which 

he lacked the lens, for now at least, to see. 

Not just the enigmatic women in

his dreams, not just a mother’s madness masked 

(in part) from Sis and him, not just a text

by Faulkner, Proust, or James ambiguous 

or willfully misread. But more: to live 

like light on moving water, owing no

consideration to his death or style.


This poem appears in Lodestone Issue 2. Get your copy here:

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