Issue 2 (finally) Released!



We're excited to announce that Issue 2 is now available!




In Issue 2, you'll recognize a few names from Issue 1 as well as a number of new writers and artists. In regard to poetry, we've selected poems that showcase a broad range of styles, each thoughtfully composed and powerful.




We've selected just as varied a collection of art to complement the written word. The selections blend elements of the whimsical, imaginative, and beautiful in the depiction of scenes ranging from urban to the fantastical.




In addition, we are excited to share a photo series by photographer Stephen Williams. Williams' work evokes the quiet drama of nature. Drawing from various seasons and settings, Williams captures moments of stillness in an ever-moving, ever-changing world.




Finally, our short story selection is "The Dog, the Wife, & the Friend," by Stephen O'Connor, which delves into the unique friendship between a man and his dog and the complex, painful nature of human relationships. 


We hope that you enjoy Issue 2 and find our selections fresh and thought-provoking. We want to extend a huge thank you to all of our contributes for trusting us with their work.


You can find your copy of Issue 2 here:

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